25 Secret Android Settings, You Didn’t Know About

1.Know Where Phone Is

We all have been in the situation of losing our phone or forgetting it at someplace and didn’t able to recall exactly. But with the help of Android’s built-in tracking system, you can now take a big breath of relief. Go to the phone settings then tap into the Security & Location, now you will see, Find My Device, tap on the option. After that, whenever you misplace your phone just go to this URL and login to your Google account. You will be able to track your phone’s location on the map.

2.Switch The Screen to Bigger Device

Now, Android screen can be projected to the big screen devices with its inbuilt screen casting system. The newly added screen projecting option enabled the user to project their phone’s screen to TV or bigger screen via chromecast device. To project the screen to bigger screen just go to the Connected devices into the settings and select the cast.

3.No More Memory Shortage

If you are facing the problem of short storage on your device as we all do at some point, you already have a solution for that. For the users operating Nougat or later version of Android have the option that will automatically delete the local copies of files, photos, and videos that have been already saved in the Google cloud. Just go to the Settings, then Storage and tap the Smart Storage toggle.

4.Cease The New App from making shortcuts

Whenever you download a new app it automatically creates a shortcut on one of your home screen. This has been added to provide easy access to the app and let the user launch the app just by a single click. However, when a bunch of apps shortcuts collected at the home screen phone interface becomes a bit clutter. To deactivate the default shortcut action press long the home screen, there will be a pop-up menu select Home settings and then turn off the Add icons to Home Screen.

5.Customize the Quick settings panel

On the top of Android smartphone’s screen, you can access the quick panel setting by dragging it down. There are some options including the Wifi, hotspot, Bluetooth, and flashlight quickly via the quick panel. But, you can optimize the panel by adding or replacing the options according to your need. Just go to the left bottom corner of the quick panel and press a pen icon to customize it.

6.Customize notifications from specific contacts

You can customize your phone to know exactly who’s calling with the help specific ringtones. You can assign unique ringtone to different contacts in the settings and identify them when the phone rings. To make the change go the contacts and select a contact, press the three dots on the top and select the set ringtone to select the specific ringtone.

7.Active your phone with voice commands

You can wake up your phone just by giving voice commands without even touching it. To access the Google assistant you just have to say ‘OK Google’, and it will work for you. To enable the Android’ Google assistant voice command go to the Google app, select Settings and the Voice Match, afterward ‘OK Google’ will be enough for you to wake up your phone anytime.

8.Smart use of phone in the car

Android smartphones are capable of getting unlock by itself as soon as you enter into your car. This feature is useful if you want to avoid entering codes or pattern while driving and also want to access maps or other apps for example. This can be possible as Android device will recognize your car’s stereo as the trusted Bluetooth device. Select the Location and Security in the phone’s setting, then, Smart Lock and finally Trusted Device. Follow the steps further and you will be able to use this feature going forward.

9.Prioritize The Notification

After making the contacts recognizable with the ringtones you would definitely like to assign the different tones to the notifications. By default the notification alert tone assigned to all the apps are same so it is quite difficult to decide which tone alert worth touching the phone or not. You can assign different alert tone to every notification to prioritize them. Head to the phone’s settings and select Apps & Notifications then tap the app you wish to set the different alert tone.

10.Want Cortana on Android?

Who doesn’t want a smart digital assistance on their device to get instant help. Whether it is Google assistant, Bisby or Microsoft’s Cortana, you can operate them all. Yes, Windows Cortana can be installed on Android devices. You can make the Cortana as the default assistance and access it by holding for long the home button. Just go to the Settings, then select Apps & Notification, then Advanced, Default Apps, Voice & Inputs and finally to Assistance App to make Cortana default digital assistant.

11.No More Cursor Issues

If you want the cursor to move more delicately while writing or editing some text, then you can make it that way. Whenever you are trying to make the cursor move to some desired place or character you need to go through a bit of a hassle sometime. But, you can manage it more delicately with ease, if you hold the space bar on the Google keyboard and slide it right or left to place the cursor in the desired location.

12.Boost Battery Performance

Google has optimized the Android to make it sure that the app’s drain least battery to operate. By default the apps have been set not to work in the background and only operate when needed, For example, Google Mail apps sync frequently instead of working all the time. However, you can grant permission to run in background by going to Settings, then to Battery Optimization. Now go to the Not Optimization, then select the App from the list and choose Don’t optimize.

13.Get Accelerated Animations

Maybe you can enhance your phone’s hardware to make it faster, but there is a little tweak that will feel like its working fast. For that, You need to go the Developers settings and then set all the animations to 0.5. After that, all the menus will fold twice and makes to feel like the phone working fast-motion.

14.Get Important Settings On Home Screen

There must be some option in the settings that visit regularly, it could be Sim arrangement, Bluetooth or Wifi. What if I say that you can get that particular option on your home screen and access with a single hit. Hold and drag the Settings Shortcut to the home screen of your choice after that 1X1 widget screen will appear asking you to select the one option that you want access to.

15.Use a Mouse To Operate Smartphone

In case you accidentally break your phone screen or display and it’s quite hard to operate, then attach a mouse to it. Even you just want to add style to the work you can operate your Android phone with Mouse. All You need is just a USB OTG cable to connect and the mouse cursor is ready to use.

16.Activate The Display Touch Points

Did you know that you can enable the touch points on the Smartphone? This means the place you touch will be left with a white dot for a millisecond, especially for the YouTube tutorial videos it is quite difficult to see where the operator has touched on the screen. Enabling the feature will solve that problem and also looks kind of cool for showing off. To activate this go to Developer options via Settings and enable the Show touches toggle under Input section.

17. Save Web Pages As PDF

While surfing the Internet there are number of articles or pages that we want to save, we either save the URL or end up taking a screenshot. What if you can convert them into PDF, yes, the chrome browser on the Android phone is capable of doing that. First, gather all the pages or articles you wish to convert it to pdf. Now, open one of the pages, then select Print and then Save the Web page as PDF.

18.Power Button To End A Call

Usually, our Thumb is always near to power button while holding a phone pick it up. So, it is a smart move to use the power button to end up any unnecessary call or don’t want to interrupt your Football game. Go to the Accessibility settings in the phone to enable the Power button end call option.

19.Smart Lock

Smart Lock is the most creative feature that I personally recommend to use. The feature enabled the Android device to respond according to the location like, when you reach home it disables the lock automatically. There is a number of location option to choose from and enable the smart lock. To enable the Smart lock go to the Security settings of the phone and tap Smart Lock.

20.Android Device Owner Information

The screen lock and security with pattern lock does not allow any unauthorized access to the system. This makes your smartphone and information more secure in case you lost it, but what if someone with right intention found it and wanted to return. In that case, there is useful info feature is available to save the owners detail so he or she can be contacted. Anyone can access the owner’s information without unlocking the phone. Go to the Settings and tap Users & accounts Emergency information and you can add the information you want to.

21.Try Guest Mode

There are situations when you had to share your phone with others, such as friends or siblings. The biggest threat that we all fear is the private data going public but Android devices have a solution for this too. You can create a guest mode in Users & Accounts under the Settings. You can limit the access of the user in the guest mode and save your data from being touched by any other.

22. See The Cleared Notifications

The notification center is the handiest things to instantly get updated with all the latest actions from every app. But, in the action of removing all the annoying notifications we sometimes mistakenly clear the important ones. Then try to find out the app with the unnoticed notification, however, there are some notifications apps in the store that will help you with that. Android possess inbuilt feature to know the cleared notification that you can access anytime. Just long press the home screen, then, tap on the widgets and place the settings shortcut on the home screen. Now, when you tap the home screen you will see the notification, touch it and you will get the list.

23. Restrict The Data Usage

We all have to admit that most of the time we are on low cellular data and it is due to the apps running in the background. However, there is a way by which you can save your data usage and restrict the unnecessary consumption. To have your data from getting sucked up you need to navigate to the Settings, then data usage, then finally to restrict app background data.

24. Play Multiplayer Easter Egg

The easter egg game that Google introduced with Android Marshmallow 6.0 is a hidden feature. You can also play with multiple players in the game and here is the trick for that. Go to the information of the device in the settings and tap the version multiple times and hold the Android sign M in case of Marshmallow. Now in the game tap the plus sign to add multiple players.

25.Unreveal The System UI Tuner settings

In order to unlock the hidden System UI Tuner, you need to pull down the notification panel. Now press the little gear button representing the settings at least for 5 seconds and you will see a notification saying the System UI Tuner has been added. Go to the phone’s settings you will find the System UI Tuner option just above the About Phone.



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