6 Effective Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

Mobile app reviews directly impact the users’ opinion about downloading your mobile app. Therefore, positive reviews can increase the number of app downloads as well.

Ways to Increase Mobile App Reviews

In the competitive world that we live in, it is confusing to choose the best option available. Be it a grocery store, or an educational app, without reviews, one might not know the real worth of the subject. Mobile app reviews do not only inform the user about its potential but also influence the buying decision positively or negatively. Because if users are investing their time in a product or service, they surely expect it to be the best compared to its alternatives, and app reviews help in figuring out the same.

If you pick any app, you will see that app stores such as Google Play Store and Apple App Store highlight the rating of the app in bold. From the users’ perspective, the rating is one of the most important factors to consider before deciding to download the app. Then comes the reviews posted by real users. These reviews, if bad, can ruin and slow down the app download count.

How to increase app rating and reviews efficiently?

Well, increasing app reviews is a time taking process. However, with a proper strategy, the app review process can be streamlined to gain positive reviews. Furthermore, we are talking about a few steps that can help increase the number of reviews.

  • How to increase app rating with in-app feedback tools?

In-app feedback tools are used to give a prompt to the app user and ask for feedback. In other words, the user does not have to go to the app stores to share their thoughts about the app. You can proactively show them a pop-up and ask for the rating or detailed reviews. This is considered as one of the best practices to gain reviews faster. For instance, if you have used apps such as Tinder, you might have seen their rating pop up that asks for stars as the feedback. A few famous app feedback tools are SurveyMonkey, Apptentive, and Doorbell.io, among others.

  • How to increase app reviews with rewards?

Another strategy app marketers use is rewarding people in return for reviews. For instance, many mobile gaming apps offer rewards such as coins, in-game accessories, and more in return for the review submissions. It can be one of the most effective ways to gain mobile app reviews.

  • How to improve app ratings with customer support?

After solving customer queries, if the user gets an option of submitting the app review, it can work out well for you. Moreover, you will also get to know if apart from the mobile app, customer support service was satisfying for the user or not. You can train customer support executives to share the format where users can easily submit their reviews.

  • How to ask for app reviews through contests?

If you have enough budget, contests can help you in boosting the rating for the app. You can get app reviews by using the third best app marketing agencies or organize contests yourself. For instance, the Google Opinion Rewards app offers surveys to its users and rewards them in return with Google Play Store cash.

  • How to get more reviews on the app store by a rightly timed strategy?

Reviews are based on their timing mainly. If you show prompts randomly between a task that users are interested in, you might annoy them. So, it is better to give users some time so they can experience the app. Moreover, you should get your app reviewed by displaying prompts at events such as when users finish a task. It will reduce the chances of users getting annoyed by you.

  • How to improve app ratings through Ad campaigns?

Ad campaigns can be super useful in the process of boosting app reviews. You can target the right user group and show them ads related to your mobile app. It will directly impact the number of downloads as well. Now, with more downloads, the number of app reviews will increase simultaneously.

To conclude, mobile app reviews are crucial not only for users’ satisfaction but also for an effective marketing strategy. Thus, a good app marketing strategy should focus on ways to get app reviews as well. Hopefully, this blog has answered how to get app reviews questions. Moreover, you can read more app-related blogs on MobileAppDaily for a better understanding of the market and app development trends.