7 Ways Mobile Apps are Impacting the Future of E-learning

Mobile apps and E-learning
  • Due to Covid 19, mobile app downloads saw a sudden surge. Android apps were downloaded 466 million times along with iOS apps 470 million times in 2020 itself
  • Mobile apps are helping students in accessing education even at places where schools are not available
  • Customized learning technique focuses on users’ performance and creates a study plan accordingly
  • Specially-abled learners can use technology such as voice assistant for a seamless learning experience
  • Free study materials make learning possible for people from every income range
  • Students are carrying fewer books and copies into their bags due to digital learning apps compared to a few years back
  • Learning has turned way more interesting for students to stay focused
  • Learning enthusiasts having jobs can take some time and learn with the help of these apps without having to attend a college or school



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