Some tips that you can use to create high-quality mobile app hosting for your business apps

Host Business Mobile Apps

Mobile app development is a complex process. From designing the perfect UI to finding a mobile app hosting client that can support the requirements needed, there are many steps that influence the quality of…

In this blog, we are providing the short answer to the question- how to implement offline mode for your mobile app?

How to Implement Offline Mode for Your Mobile App

Offline mode is key to increase the popularity of your mobile apps. The reason is slow speed or unavailability of the internet in many regions from all over the…

With these steps, you can enable Google Play purchases on your Android apps

In-app purchases, as the name suggests, are one of the common ways that app developers use to make money. For Android apps, Google Play Store charges 30 percent as the service fee. This fee is charged on…

The fintech app development cost has many factors influencing the final budget. Some of these factors are the location of the developer, technologies integrated, and more.

Fintech App Development Cost

The first point that worries any developer is the expected financial app development cost of the app. Be it small or large, an unplanned…

In this blog, we have discussed 10 fintech app security standards that can make sure that the user data and financial data stored in the app are secured!

Fintech App Security

These 10 fintech app security standards will help you in building fintech apps for your clients that are impossible to crack!


These best animation apps can help you in creating and rendering high-quality animated videos easily!

Best Animation Apps

Animation has its own way of catching people’s attention and touching their hearts. From quirky comedy to explanatory videos, animation has been making things more interesting. …

These vault apps that we shortlisted here work and look like a normal calculator. For instance, the Calculator by FishingNet is capable of solving mathematical equations to maintain its disguise.

Vault Apps that Look Like Calculator

Privacy of the data is one of the biggest concerns that you need to deal with if your smartphone is…

Mini-apps are gaining attention from brands and developers, but why should you be concerned about these mini-apps?

mini apps

Among all the trends that in a couple of years occurred for the app development industries, mini-apps gained good attention. Generally smaller than 4MB in size, mini-apps are becoming the future of the…

React native app development cost is lesser compared to other development strategies. However, factors like experience of the developer, region-wise costs, and others can influence the final cost of the React Native development process.

React Native App Development

Since the day this open-source app development framework came into existence, it gained trust of experienced…

It is hard to pick one better option between AngularJS vs ReactJS. Thus, we are listing down a few factors that you can consider to choose the one that suits you better!

AngularJS vs ReactJS

Businesses these days are shifting towards mobile apps from offline stores or web browsers. Why? Because it improves…


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