AngularJS vs ReactJS: Top Pick for Your Mobile Apps

It is hard to pick one better option between AngularJS vs ReactJS. Thus, we are listing down a few factors that you can consider to choose the one that suits you better!

AngularJS vs ReactJS

Businesses these days are shifting towards mobile apps from offline stores or web browsers. Why? Because it improves the user experience and reduces the cost. Now, the main goal of digitalization is to provide the best possible user experience that directly impacts the growth and profitability of the organization.

Be it small or large, businesses are ready to invest in modern technologies like mobile apps for a reliable experience for users. Thus, the app development industry is witnessing the continuous invention of new technologies for robust experiences.

Among such popular inventions for the app development industries, AngularJS and ReactJS are very popular as well. Currently, AngularJS and ReactJS are used by popular Fortune500 and other businesses for their app development needs. Brands like Google, Facebook, and Netflix have adopted the technology as well.

In this blog, we are going to discuss AngularJS and ReactJS technologies separately to figure out which option is the best for your business. So, if that intrigues you, then let’s begin without any further ado!

Is React better than Angular?

Well, to answer this commonly asked question, we are going to discuss both technologies separately.

What is AngularJS?

Developed in 2009 and conceptualized by Google itself, AngularJS is an open-source web development framework. It is used to build apps with smaller sizes with simple testing and coding. Before ReactJS came into existence in 2013, the AngularJS app development framework had a monopoly in the market. AngularJS mobile apps are generally built with fewer features.

What is ReactJS?

Developed by Facebook and released in 2013, the ReactJS app development framework is used to build apps with many features. The apps on the ReactJS are usually heavier in size but offer better features and performance as well. Modern developers are using ReactJS to build user experiences of the top-class.

Which is best Angular or React for you?

As mentioned before, your requirements decide which one is the perfect choice for you among AngularJS vs ReactJS. However, we will separately list down common usages of both frameworks to clarify the difference between Angular and React.

Common advantages of AngularJS

We will pick some major advantages of AngularJS and list them here to explain how they can be useful for you. These advantages will make understanding the crucial difference between AngularJS and ReactJS easier.

  1. Best framework for smaller size apps

Many top app development companies are using AngularJS to build apps that are smaller in size. These apps usually come with limited but crucial features to serve users from segments like healthcare, finance, and more. The purpose is to build robust apps with the enhanced security of the user data.

2. Easy code writing and typo fixing

Between React or Angular, codes written here are easier to read because AngularJS uses TypeScript. It is also easier to find errors in codes between React and Angular as scripts are more readable on AngularJS. It also comes with in-built testing features which makes it easier to test apps built with AngularJS.

3. Regular framework and app updated

AngularJS is regularly updated. The AngularJS for mobile app development ensures that even though apps are smaller in size, they are built according to the latest trends.

4. Flexible choice of environments

Now, the best part that gives it an advantage between Angular vs React popularity is, AngularJS supports flexible environments. You can either choose TypeScript or go for JavaScript to build the product. Templates support HTML and Jade as well along with other pre-processors.

What is ReactJS used for?

Now, we will understand the common usages of ReactJS in the app development industry. It will help you in understanding if this framework is better between React vs Angular for you.

  1. The reduced development time for high-quality apps

ReactJS is convincing developers to get on board because of the simplicity of the development process. It makes it easier to develop high-quality apps within a shorter span of time due to the integrated libraries with ready-to-use elements.

2. Cost-effective development process

As ReactJS takes less time in developing high-quality apps and their deployment, the requirements of resources like Manpower are also less. Thus, it saves time and money for developers.

3. SEO advantages

Among Angular vs React 2021, React has SEO advantages that make apps easier to rank. The virtual DOM on ReactJS is rendered as a web page on search engines. Thus, good and effective marketing strategies are the major advantages of ReactJS.

4. Better UI designs

If you want to offer an optimum UX to users, ReactJS is the framework you need. Its already prepared UI elements make the app UI stunning and easy to navigate. On top of that, the performance of apps built on React JS is stunning and impresses users.

Conclusion- When to use React and when to use Angular?

Well, the answer to this question is quite conditional. If you are planning to build an app with simple and basic features, AngularJS has the advantage of saving efforts and giving you good performance and perfect UI advantages for that. But for heavy apps that also require beautiful UI elements, ReactJS is the key.

So, the factors that we discussed above, you have to consider them and pick the one that suits your plans better. It is also advisable to talk to an experienced developer first before you make a budget and finalize every segment of the app development plan.

Hopefully, it helps!