App Marketing Tips to Maximize the Number of Downloads

6 min readFeb 15, 2022


These app marketing tips can help in making even new apps popular if used right!

App Marketing Tips

App development is a time and effort-consuming process. However, these efforts, planning, and resources that you invest in the development of the app can go into vain if the app does not meet target growth in the market. To ensure that the app is known and downloaded by as many people as possible, it is crucial to form proper app marketing strategies. To help you with that task, furthermore, we are discussing some effective mobile app marketing best practices.

These marketing ideas for apps are curated as they have worked for well-established app development companies and helped them in keeping up with the competition. So, if your goal is to build an app that can help a huge chunk of users, read this blog to know about a few best marketing practices that can help you in introducing it to the right people.

1. Social media marketing

One of the top app marketing tips recommended by experts from all over the world, social media marketing can be the key to extensive growth for your app. Currently, social media apps are used by billions of people. Thus, they are the perfect tool to reach out to a huge group of people at once. To ensure that you are using the best way to promote an app on social media platforms, third-party tools such as Hootsuite are there to help you out.

App Marketing Tips

According to SocialPilot, the right schedule is very crucial for the growth of your social media outreach. Thus, it is important to plan and create your social media calendar in advance for marketing your apps in the best possible way. You can draft, schedule, and manage your social media posts on Hootsuite and keep your social media running even when you do not have the time to post. For social media platforms, the mobile app marketing strategy is to schedule them at once for at least a week so that your platforms remain active even on your busiest days.

2. Website promotions

By including a website in your app marketing strategy, you can approach target users easily and you can also provide curious users an opportunity to visit a platform that tells them everything about your app. Websites are a common promotion practice among developers as with techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), websites can help the app in ranking on search engines.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Now, if you are wondering how to advertise apps with SEO, let us give you some insights. SEO is a practice focused on the usage of keywords. However, there are some technical aspects of SEO that can be done with the help of an expert. But, top mobile app marketing agencies consider SEO as one of the crucial keys to growing in any competitive market. Even if you have already established app developers in the target market, if your SEO techniques are better optimized than theirs, you can boost your image in lesser time.

4. App Store Optimization (ASO)

Just like SEO is used to grow on search engines, ASO is a practice that makes your app more visible on app store search engines. With the right app marketing ideas focused on ASO algorithms, you can help users in finding your app with the help of the right keywords. Showing your app in search results can boost your download conversion rate dramatically.

5. App download rewards

Among the most popular mobile app marketing best practices, rewarding downloaders with something works very well. There are multiple ways of rewarding users in the exchange of downloads. For instance, you can partner with other developers and inform their app users about rewards for downloads with the help of in-app advertisements. These rewards can be in-app tokens for their apps or for your apps. Usually, such kinds of ads are published on gaming apps that accept specific in-game tokens from users to unlock extra content.

6. Referral bonuses

Now, the answer to the question “how to market an app with referral bonuses” is very simple. You can ask your users to share the app link with their friends and contacts and in exchange, they get bonuses for each download. This is one of the top app marketing ideas that are used to promote apps from categories such as dating, chat, social media, games, and wallets among others.

7. Use marketing blogs

In today’s digital age, there are many segments of blogs existing on the internet. One of these top segments is marketing blogs. For the promotion of your apps, you can reach out to famous tech bloggers who can list your app to promote it to their visitors. Listing your app on famous blogs can reward you with amazing conversion rates. These kinds of promotions work well if you choose the right platform with the same genres as yours. For instance, mobile app blogs are the best genre pick to promote your app more effectively.

8. Use CTAs

The Call to Action (CTA) technique is one of the most popular marketing ideas for apps that you will ever come across. CTAs are often pasted on websites, be it your own or of others. You can promote these CTAs on popular blogs and pay to blog owners. Many affiliate marketing agencies also offer such contracts where you get the number of downloads or visitors depending on the package that you choose to promote your apps. These agencies also decide the best platforms where your app can be promoted.

9. Partnership with Google

Google is one of the giants with the largest smartphone userbase. Partnering with Google to promote your apps can be very fruitful. You can include Google’s app promotion programs in your app marketing strategy. Under this mobile app marketing program, you get three goals for which you can publish your ads on the Google Play Store. These options are — increasing app engagement, increasing pre-registration for the app, or increasing app installs. You can design your app marketing ideas according to your goals.

10. Use YouTube ads

YouTube is one of the most effective ways of displaying video ads for your apps. You can sign up for YouTube’s paid promotion packages and display your app ads to as many users as you want. However, these ads will be visible to free users of YouTube as Premium users have the freedom to avoid ads.

For YouTube, you can also approach famous YouTubers and pay them to talk about your app. This is one of the most common practices that brands use to promote their outreach through YouTube or other social media platforms.

11. Use omnichannel marketing

Omnichannel marketing strategies are the perfect approach to target users from multiple regions. According to statistics like average Facebook users from an area or average internet bandwidth in a region, etc, you can customize your app marketing strategies. Omnichannel marketing strategies can help in reaching out to users in more personalized ways.


So, these were the top 11 ways that can effectively improve your app download count. These best ways to market an app that we discussed above are inspired by strategies that have already been used. Thus, they are proven to work. However, before you frame a marketing plan revolving around these strategies, it is also crucial to research your target market so that you can figure out which one of these strategies will be the most effective for your app.

In the end, we hope you found the blog resourceful. We will see you with another blog soon. Meanwhile, you can explore MobileAppDaily to read about more digital tech trends and other information.




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