Are You Ready For The Mobile Growth Europe 2017 Conference Happening in Berlin?

  1. Gabor Papp, Head of Marketing at Shapr3D, Hungary will deliver a keynote presentation that explains the prioritisation dynamics on the AARRR FUNNEL(Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Revenue, Referral).
  2. Keynote presentation by Spencer Burke, VP of Customer Success at Appboy (soon to be Braze), USA will include how data, teams and tech need to work together to overcome challenges that crop behind the screen.
  3. Panel discussion conducted on how Publishers Can Maximize Revenue by Enabling Viewability Measurement. The panel will include Keenan Timko (Sr. Account Director at MoPub, USA) as the Moderator, Jason Cooper (GM, Mobile at Integral Ad Science, UK), Pan Katsukis (CEO of Remerge, Germany) and Inga Teiserskyte (Product Manager Advertising at Lovoo, Germany).
  4. Andy Carvell, Senior PM: Growth at Phiture, Germany will then deliever a workshop on how to build and handle an amazing Mobile Notification Service.
  5. David Mohr, General Manager of GAMEVIL COM2US Europe GmbH will offer the strategies involved in taking an app from just a game/app to a brand.
  6. AI and chatbot strategies will also be discussed by a panel including Matan Talmi (CEO of Drippler, Israel) as the Moderator, Susana Duran Perea (Director, Mobile & Bots CoE at sage, Spain), Marina Mazein (Junior Product Owner Mobile at Otto Group, Germany), Miriam Neubauer (CPO at Heycater, Germany), Ewa Stochlinska (Senior Business Development, HolidayPirates, Germany) and Falk Zimmermann, CMO of WhatsBroadcast GmbH, Germany.
  7. Presentation on how to leverage emojis to monetize millennials and other dynamics involved in using Emojis to drive Mobile love by Shawn Azman, SVP of Growth at Leanplum, USA
  1. Manuel Gonzalez Alzuru, CMO of Medlanes, Germany
  2. Noam Auerbach, Head of Growth at YEAY, Germany
  3. Lior Barak, Marketing Analyst at Zalando, Germany
  4. Gessica Bicego, Head of Performance Marketing at Blinkist, Germany
  5. Caglar Eger, Director App Store Relations/Partnerships at Goodgame Studios, Germany
  6. Vinicius Gerez, Senior UA Manager at Wooga GmbH, Germany
  7. Lisa Kennelly, Director of Marketing at Clue, Germany
  8. Matthaus Krzykowski, Director Platform at Tenjin, Germany
  9. Elisabeth Reitmayr, Product Analyst at ResearchGate, Germany
  10. Peggy Anne Salz, Analyst and Founder of Mobile Groove Media, Germany
  11. Thomas Richter, President — Berlin Chapter at Mobile Growth Fellowship, Germany
  12. Marvin Rottenberg, Head of Marketing at Ada Health, Germany
  13. Sylvia Lorente van Berge Henegouwen, Investor & Business Growth Hacker at 8fit, Germany
  14. Meike Maryska, Senior CRM Tech Lead at Delivery Hero, Germany
  15. Sourav Naik, Ad Monetization Manager at Flaregames, Germany
  16. Ender Özcan, Head of Sales Turkey & MENA at Adjust, Germany
  17. Niko Thielsch, Head of Sales DACH at Adjust, Germany
  18. Grant Simmons, Director, Client Analytics at Kochava, USA
  19. Mark Kellogg, Director, Client Services at Kochava, USA
  20. David Pich, Director of Ad Sales at, USA
  21. Jiri Kupiainen, CEO, Founder of Matchmade, USA
  22. Baglan Rhymes, Chief Digital Officer at AnchorFree, USA
  23. Gabe Kwakyi, head at Incipia, USA
  24. Dennis Mink, VP Marketing at Liftoff, USA
  25. Raheel Hasan, Co-Founder & CEO of 1App, USA
  26. Lars Bognar, Global Performance Operations Lead at Google, USA
  27. Dave Westin, President of Mobile Growth Fellowship, USA
  28. Diana Boiteux, Sr. Account Executive at MoPub, United Kingdom
  29. Phil Gontier, VP International at Liftoff, United Kingdom
  30. Magnus Jern, Chairman of Tapp Water, United Kingdom
  31. Dilpesh Parmar, General Manager at Outfit7, United Kingdom
  32. Zach van Driel, Co-Founder of Miri Growth, United Kingdom
  33. Stefan Bielau, Managing Partner at Dynamo Partners, Poland
  34. Luca Giacomel, Data Scientist at Bending Spoons, Italy
  35. Nathan Golan, VP International Sales at Pendo, Israel
  36. Boaz Zilberman, Founder and CEO of Project-Ray, Israel
  37. Ofir Leitner, Founder of Mobile Monetization Summit, Spain
  38. Juanjo Monge, Lab Cave Games, CMO, Spain
  39. Marta Ros Urrutia, Product & Growth Manager, B-wom, Spain
  40. Kaisa Soininen, Chief Product Officer at Yogaia, Finland
  41. Nikola Stolnik, Head of Marketing at Nanobit, Croatia




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MobileAppDaily is an unchallenged pioneer of the mobile app industry and caters to the need of the tech geeks. Visit :

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