How Artificial Intelligence is Reshaping the IT Industry

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has impacted almost every industry existing today. From education to gaming, it has joined almost every digital operation to automate them as much as possible. The reason behind such increasing expansion of the adaptation of Artificial Intelligence in IT industry operations can be accurate and cost reductions.

A Statista report says, by 2024, the global AI market can reach a threshold of half a trillion USD. In another report published by Statista itself, you will find that IBM has the most number of ML and AI patents by November 2020. By this period, IBM had 5,538 ML and AI patents registered. Some common patents from the Artificial Intelligence in IT services that IBM has are AI in Data Security, AI in Cloud Deployment, AI in Quantum Applications, Intuitive AI, and more. After IBM, Samsun lead the market with more than 5,500 ML and AI patents registered worldwide.

In this blog, furthermore, we are discussing some amazing Artificial Intelligence for IT operations and its impacts. We are going through some factual data to make this article as informative as possible for you.

So, stay with us until the end of this blog to know about some interesting facts related to AI in the IT industry.

1. Better cybersecurity

AI combined with other technologies such as Blockchain or Machine Learning is making a safer virtual environment for technical and non-technical users. The crucial role of AI in IT industry cybersecurity operations today is to monitor servers, databases, transactions, and more constantly. Depending on how much data it has been fed with, or if with Big data and ML operations, AI is capable of updating its database automatically, AI can detect anomalies to warn authorities. From locking user access to predicting hardware failure or forced attempts of user access, AI can generate warning prompts and lockdown servers for data protection.

In Fintech operations, AI with other tools such as Smart contracts has already started taking steps to stop possible frauds. Banking institutions are already using such advancements in Artificial Intelligence. For instance, in situations where credit card transactions are suspicious like they are being done from a location hundreds of miles away than the users’ usual location, AI places an automated block on the account. This block is temporary and can be lifted if the user successfully verifies their identity.

2. Streamlined operations

IT industry deals in both large and small operations. From managing industrial servers that control large machines to protecting IoT devices from cyber attacks, Artificial Intelligence technology has many tasks to execute in this industry. Now, to streamline operations, Artificial Intelligence in business enterprises contributes to tasks such as shipment, inventory management, and more. Such operations require continuous support and involvement of the IT industry.

3. Better education

This application of Artificial Intelligence in information technology operations is existing already in the market. If you pick education apps such as Coursera, you will find these apps use Artificial Intelligence app development algorithms and apply them to data analytics systems. These data analytics tools are used to prepare graphs that include information such as users’ weaknesses, strengths, and tips to overcome such weaknesses.

AI-supported Augmented Reality (AR) tools are also improving the quality of education by providing students with almost real demonstrations. From studying geography, history, and medicine, AI-supported AR can also help in making education more entertaining.

4. More efficient customer service

With the help of ML and AI, chatbots have become a crucial part of IT industry trends. These chatbots are capable of helping users through queries without the involvement of a human agent. However, these chatbots are still evolving and as AI gets smarter, these chatbots get more accessible for users of different languages, dialects, and pronunciations. The goal of this one of the most popular IT industry trends is to make customer service an automated task so that in the future, only exceptional cases will require humans to intervene. Top Artificial Intelligence companies are working on chatbots to make them as accurate and accessible as possible to increase their adaptation across multiple types of enterprises.

5. Game development

In the gaming industry, AI has two main usages. The first role of Artificial Intelligence in IT industry operations for games is to develop and upgrade cheat detection tools regularly. Big games such as PUBG are using these AIs to find and ban cheater players who manipulate in-game resources through third-party cheating tools to have advantages against other players.

AI is also used in the gaming industry to place Non-playable Characters (NPCs) into games. AI is used to give them moments and to automate them instead of having to give the script to each character individually. These NPCs are the characters that you do not interact with usually and see in backgrounds while playing any games.


Artificial Intelligence in IT has endless possibilities. And within the last couple of decades, we have seen how AI has evolved continuously to become more efficient and accessible even for small businesses. Some AI usages like AI in driverless vehicles, AI in defense systems, and more are still in the experimental stages. As the IT industry finds more ways to utilize AI, we will get to witness more exciting examples of AI and its usages in the future.




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MobileAppDaily is an unchallenged pioneer of the mobile app industry and caters to the need of the tech geeks. Visit :

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