How Parler App Relaunched Online After Vanishing

The Parler app had a really interesting last few months. Especially after the Capital Riots, it faced criticism for not being able to moderate content that allegedly incited violence.

Parler App

Parler app is a Twitter alternative that came into existence in 2018. In 2021, Parler faced a ban from tech giants such as Apple, Google, and Amazon AWS. We are covering the same incident in-depth and the cause behind it.

The new Parler app is back on App Stores, and it has become a hot topic among many news channels and blog websites. The Twitter alternative had faced backlash from Google and Apple and got banned from their app stores. Google had mentioned that the Parler app was unsuccessful in moderating content that had incited violence supported Nazism against a specific group of people. Amazon AWS also banned the Parler app as soon as top app development companies like Google did the same. The Parler app was kicked off from the Apple Store as well not long after Capitol Riots happened. The reason behind this ban was that Parler was unsuccessful in moderating the harmful and dangerous content for its users.

However, according to recent developments, Apple has reinstated the Parler app back online. Apple also stated that Parler has six months to make modifications in its content moderation policies. The entire process took around three months until recently when Parler relaunched.

The new Parler app has mentioned that the iOS version of the app will moderate some contents that might be still visible on the Android version. The Parler social media app has also launched an official website where users can directly sign up and join the platform.

What is the Parler social media app?

Just like Twitter, Parler social media app is a platform where users can express themselves through status or comments. This American microblogging platform has a majority of followers from the right-wing. The app was founded in 2018 with the motto “free speech-focused”.

Parler had seen a spike in its user base in 2020 after Twitter flagged Ex-President Trump’s tweets and blocked a few accounts. In the same duration, Parler published “Declaration of Internet Independence” and started a campaign with “#Twexit”. The campaign also used the “Tech Tyrant” term for the Twitter app.

The app had good attention from users who were not satisfied with the moderation policies of social media apps such as Twitter or Instagram. Currently, George Fermer is playing the role of the CEO of the company after interim CEO Mark Meckler. George started his tenure in May 2021. At the time when Parler went offline- it had a network of 15 million users.

Even though Apple, the iOS app development company, has allowed Parler to rejoin its app stores, Google and Amazon are still skeptical. Moreover, Parler has also filed a lawsuit against Amazon blaming them for a breach of contract.

Where is Parler app available?

Well, if you are interested in using Parler’s services, you can use an iOS device or its web app. Moreover, Parler’s Android app is also available on the same website itself. The website allows you to sign up for the app. You can follow the steps that are given further to join the Parler app.

  • Go to
  • Click on Create New Account
  • Fill in details as required
  • Verify

The signing up process for the Parler app is super simple and takes only a few minutes.

Conclusion- Is Parler safe against the threat of getting removed from app stores?

Well, Parler’s troubles are still far from over. The app has to prove that it has understood Apple’s terms and conditions. Moreover, to increase its user count, Parler will have to convince Google and Amazon to let it get on board once again. It will be interesting to follow Parler’s future development in the market.