How to Create a Game App that is Highly Successful?

6 min readMar 22, 2023

A majority of people might argue with the fact that there is a recipe for creating success. Well, there may be but getting an exact blueprint is often a fallacy. There are multiple factors that can help you with building a game app that is successful. However, there is no one algorithm that can be followed.

Therefore without wasting any time, let’s start our discussion on “How to create a game app that is successful?”. But before that let’s understand why this question is important!

Gaming Market in 2023

Gaming is one of the most lucrative industries in the world. As per Newzoo, the gaming market is expected to grow to $200 billion in the year 2023. Also, the CAGR of the industry has been 8.3% between 2018 and 2023.

Currently as mentioned earlier, it is amongst the largest segment with 59% of the total revenue from 2023.

All these factors have accelerated the growth of the gaming market. With major hits like PUBG that have made loads of money for their makers, there is an emergence of multiple top mobile game development companies that are willing to invest time and money for creating a highly successful app. Also, it is adamant that this industry is going to flourish and grow into a lot more mobile gaming apps.

Insights on How to Create an App that is Successful!

Building a game that works with the audience depends on various factors. Right marketing for the product would aid in catapulting the growth of the game app. Adding to it, a strong campaign and a weak product can create early adopters but would plummet the growth of loyal customers.

We don’t want the consumer to check us out instead we want them to spend as much time as possible. However, without providing value to the proposition, it is almost impossible to do that!

Therefore here are some factors one should consider learning how to create a game app that is highly successful!

1. Understanding different Genres of Game Apps

Here is a list of different genres for building a game app:

  • Action games
  • Sports game
  • Puzzle game
  • Simulation game
  • Role-playing games
  • Strategy games
  • Adventure games

Each and every genre of game is a niche in itself. Understanding the genres will help you understand the niche better. Just because an action game application like PUBG worked, it doesn’t mean any other genre won’t. For instance, Candy Crush belongs to the puzzle genre. It is important to understand the pulse of the genre. Once that is within your grasp, start brainstorming with the mobile gaming app development.

2. Figuring Out Popular Games

Another way of finding the pulse of the gaming community is to learn about the most popular and free apps for Android and iOS. Anything that is trending currently can give insights on what to create or what to make better. The majority of ideas that truly work are copied or inspired from someplace else. However, behind their success, the core element has always been a much better experience.

3. Think of a Broader Audience

It seems similar to the previous factor. However, it is very different in terms of approach. For instance, from a success point of view, it is necessary to think about elements that can be liked by the majority of people in the community. It is important when you are independently learning how to create an app. Many times in order to create something novel, gaming app development companies create something that isn’t liked or often time too complex for the majority to play or enjoy.

4. Try Out New Ideas

Building a game app that is successful needs great ideas. Create a list of new ideas that you wish to integrate into your game app. However, get second opinions from credible sources to furnish them well from a selling POV.

5. Designing

Nail the design of the game app you are creating. The design of the app is as important as the gameplay. Different scenarios, sprites, and the overall look & feel of the game design decide its overall vibe and immersive experience. It is also important to maintain consistency. Just because the majority of people like 3D graphics, it doesn’t mean that they need to be designed in a similar way. For instance, PUBG and Fortnite are two examples of battle royale games but the characters, stages, and open world but feels very different. The good part is that both had adopters and loyal players.

6. Interesting Gameplay

In the era of 8-bit games when app game development was primitive and hyperrealistic graphics didn’t exist, the key determinant was the gameplay only. A lot of people believe that good graphics mean a good game but quite the contrary, interesting gameplay means a good game. The design elements improve the experience but they cannot salvage poor gameplay experience.

7. Demo Version or Free Access to the Game

Today, we can not expect anyone to purchase an app before trying it out. Developing games app requires free access or demo versions (lite versions) for players. It gets them a taste of the product and helps them decide better whether to purchase it or not.

8. Production Value

A game is a combination of multiple people collaborating together. It is important to put the money in the right place. For instance, an adequate number of skilled developers, graphic designers, artists for concept art, writers for storylines, etc. Keeping a balance between everything will make for a great product. Otherwise, the same idea & concept can turn into a mess.

9. Storyline

It is the narrative of the game. The story of the game is what creates a connection between the player and the game. Having a great story is often the most intriguing factor about a game. In essence, a game is a roleplay for the player who can be something in the gaming world. We cannot fly or run fast but if the protagonist of the game can do so, it creates a connection that creates a loyal fan base.

10. Crafting the Final Edit

Considering you have laid out everything, and are done with the final edit. It is time to trim and nit-pick unnecessary elements from the developed game. Once that is done, all that is left is the final version.

Wrapping Up!

As we know there is no secret sauce to success. In fact, it is a consistent effort of trial and error. With this article, our aim is to help you answer the question “How to Build a Successful Gaming App?” and help you understand the basic elements that can help you grow your gaming app for android & iOS. Right now, it is necessary to involve all the ingredients in order to create a compelling application. It should have everything to entice the target audience. We hope with this, you will be able to solve some of your problems.


Q1. How to make an app game from scratch?

A1. In order to create an app game from scratch, one is needed to follow a series of steps. These are:

  • Ideation
  • Choosing the type of development (no-code or team-based development)
  • Choosing the style (2D or 3D)
  • Deciding the platform
  • Selecting a template
  • Customization
  • Publish

Q2. How to make a game app?

A2. In order to create a game app you need a team of developers, game app designers, writers, and concept artists. However, there are lot many variables in creating a successful app yet a basic team consolidates the members stated above.

Q3. How to create online games for free?

A3. There are various libraries available online that allow you to create online games for free but only if you are a developer yourself. However, there are also app builders that allow you to create apps for a cheaper price without unnecessary technical expertise.




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