Importance of Product Reviews from the Customer’s Perspective

4 min readFeb 23, 2022


Importance of Product Reviews

With the level of competition that most brands and products have to face, product reviews help customers in deciding faster. Whether to download an app or to buy a product from eCommerce websites, these online product reviews can influence the buying decision. The best product reviews can make a high-rated product impress the buyer even if it is expensive in many cases as quality is also a factor that gives products a competitive advantage. For example, you can consider iPhones. Even though compared to their Android alternatives these devices are expensive, yet, they continuously attract online reviews that are good and positive for their sales.

Importance of Product Reviews

As per a report by Statista, as of the third quarter of 2017, people of age group between 55–64 were the largest group that considered website product reviews to make buying decisions. These reviews helped them in shortlisting products and brands even for future references depending on their good product reviews.

Furthermore, in this blog, we are discussing the importance of product reviews from the customer’s perspective. By taking a few factors from the real market into account, we will try to make this blog as informative as possible. So, stay with us until the end to have some amazing insights and answer your questions like why do people read reviews or why reviews are important?

  1. More good reviews, more reliability

The sale of products and reviews are related to each other. While buying items like appliances, clothes, etc, customers go through reviews to figure out if the actual product is as satisfactory as displayed through pictures, or the ground reality is different. Products with no return, replacement, or refund policies are often shortlisted with more research as even if the customer is not satisfied, they can not do anything about it apart from posting reviews and ordering again.

2. Makes it easier to pick expensive products

Now, another reason why are reviews important from the customer’s perspective is if they are buying a product to use for a longer period of time. Take smartphones or laptops as examples. Most of the customers buy these products by taking a few factors into consideration; how long will these products last, their performance, tasks they can handle, and most importantly, customer service among others.

So, as all brands claim to offer the best possible services through their ads, a review of products that are purchased by other customers helps potential future customers in finding the reality. Products with more customer product reviews are trusted better. A BrightLocal report claims that 98% of consumers prefer reading reviews before they go to or shop from a local business. So, business growth is also one of the importance of reviews.

3. Judging the response rate

Another major impact of reviews on consumer decisions is your frequency of replying to queries or attending negative reviews. However, replying to positive reviews even with just thanks also helps in creating a positive image on the customer’s mind.

As other customers who are considering purchasing your products yet, they can access and read how you respond to feedback provided by previous customers. It also displays if you are willing to improve your products like smartphone applications by taking reviews into consideration. The way you respond to reviews impacts the decision of the potential customers. And actively responding to reviews shows that you care about feedback.

4. To improve product rankings

If you are still wondering why are reviews important for your product, let us introduce you to the best fact. Good reviews help your products in ranking better when customers search for something on websites such as Amazon. Your app gets a better ranking on app stores like Google Play Store. To increase the number of reviews on apps, developers have started using tools such as in-app feedback popups. It helps them in increasing the visibility of their apps.

5. To create and improve customer loyalty

Reviews are a way of understanding how customers felt after buying a product or service from you. And, as mentioned above, replying with personalized responses can help you in creating a good impression as it makes customers feel that their voice is heard.

6. Leveraging customer feedback for marketing campaigns

Whenever a customer leaves good feedback, it helps in influencing future customers to make purchases. Now, you can also use good feedback posted by real customers to feature on your marketing campaigns so that whenever an ad is shown to the potential customers, they are able to see that your customers are satisfied with the quality of your products or services. From the customer’s perspective, these campaigns look more reliable.

Wrapping up

Well, these were a few reasons why online product reviews are crucial from the perspective of customers. In the end, we hope you found the blog informative and it will help you in growing your business. If you are a developer and want to use reviews for the growth of your app, you can reach out to MobileAppDaily and get your app reviewed. Experts will go through it and help you in figuring out the parts of the app that can be improved.




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