Mobile App Trends Startups Must Look Out for 2023

5 min readDec 29, 2022
Mobile App Trends Startups Must Look Out for 2023

In the past few years, we have experienced an enormous change in how people use smartphones. Mobile apps are becoming an indispensable part of our everyday lives. The demand for high-quality trending apps grows as more modern customers use their smartphones and tablets to streamline their daily chores.

As 2023 approaches, technologists’ enthusiasm is escalating as they anticipate the fresh start of new tech, the evolution of the old, and the discovery of hidden opportunities in mobile app trends. If you are an entrepreneur looking forward to setting up your tech startup, it’s time to become familiar with the best mobile app development trends.

Below are some top mobile app development trends prevailing in 2023. So, without further ado, let’s get started with some astonishing mobile app trends.


5G is among the top mobile app development trends and the latest internet buzzwords since smartphone manufacturers launched 5G devices. Startups must understand the upside of the 5G network and integrate it into their applications. In this mobile-first world, execution speed is critical, and 5G offers ultra speed to users.

Additionally, 5G is impacting many industries like IoT, AR/VR, and more. Gaming, media streaming, and other industries that rely on high internet speed connectivity can use 5G to upgrade and build better mobile trending apps.


Geofencing is a technology that enables app owners to take advantage of location-based marketing. It is among the most popular mobile app trends. It offers several benefits like increased physical traffic, recommending products based on previous in-app purchases, and improved customer service by collecting consumer feedback. Most popular mobile app development companies are encouraging this trend while keeping the privacy and security of users as the topmost priority.

Progressive web apps

Progressive web apps are one of the top mobile app trends expected to gain momentum in 2023. However, it’s not new and is among the best mobile app future trends. PWAs combine websites and mobile apps that require minimal build time and offer more functionality.

Since the 2020’s pandemic, the significance of this one of the best application development trends has increased, specifically in online business. Following the development, B2B and B2C entrepreneurs noticed an increase in interaction, conversion, revenue, and rate. In 2023, it will be among the top mobile app development trends because of its faster loading time, offline mode, autonomy, and automatic updates.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Predictive analytics is among the best startup mobile app trends as it decreases the time involved in developing trending apps. This technology is known to make apps smarter by implementing features like image recognition, face detection, sentiment recognition, and predictive maintenance.

Machine learning and AI together will continue to be significant factors of technological innovations in 2023 and beyond. New startups can gain the upper hand by learning new opportunities, improvising their services, and getting insights into customers’ buying behavior. Technologies like chatbot biometric identification will come with more customized mobile app dashboards.


mCommerce is among the most popular mobile app trends that can be described as a subset of eCommerce. It will be among the mobile app future trends as the mobile commerce division is expanding rapidly. As users spend more time and money on their smartphones and tablets, the ability for mobile shopping anywhere, anytime continues to grow.

Startups must consider several methods for making a mCommerce acquisition. For instance, mobile wallets are proliferating widely, allowing users to make purchases with a tap without having to enter their card information.

Voice search

Voice search is among the top mobile app trends, taking the current development of mobile apps. According to a report, the world voice recognition market is predicted to rise to $27.16 billion by 2026. It is among the top startup mobile app trends as users nowadays want access to low execution time.

Digital assistants like Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant have changed how users interact with devices. Startups must optimize their apps for voice search by looking into new methods like schema markup or structured data.


One of the best mobile app development trends 2023 as the trend for smartwatches, trackers, and fitness bands continues to grow. Entrepreneurs can consider mobile app ideas for their startup, keeping this technology in mind as these devices are yet to achieve their full potential. In 2023, it will be among the leading mobile app development trends as wearable devices integrate advanced technologies like AI, VR, voice assistants, and contactless payments. Startups are expected to build apps explicitly visualizing the future of such devices.

Augmented reality and Virtual reality

AR/VR is one of the best-known trends in app development, as it plays a crucial role in the future of mobile development. Businesses worldwide are using augmented reality to bring new exposure to users by introducing gamification into their processes. With the introduction of Metaverse, startups can focus on creating new interactive experiences for their users, as this technology will likely boost in 2023 and beyond.

On-demand apps

Understanding your users is necessary, as we currently want everything with a few taps. It allowed startups to tap into a new market- the on-demand apps. Users can avail of services like transportation, healthcare, freelancing, beauty, and other delivery services with a few taps. Taxi rentals like Uber and Lyft are a few examples of on-demand apps. Entrepreneurs must think of new on-demand mobile app ideas for their startup as this trend will soar in the future.

Edge computing

Over the years, cloud computing has been a well-recognized application development trend. However, the dilemma with the cloud is that it’s centralized, causing a lag for the technologies that assure 5G. It is why enterprises and startups are more inclined to edge computing. Edge computing is among the best mobile development trends in 2023 as it’s transforming how billions of IoT and other machines generate, store, process, examine, and transfer data.

Mobile app marketing

Mobile app marketing isn’t directly related to the app development process but plays an essential role in getting you to your target market and customers. Mobile app design trends should be considered while creating your marketing strategy, especially regarding user onboarding. Startups must consider new ways of approaching new users. Social media platforms are the new sources of increasing your app’s visibility and download. However, we believe a digital and traditional marketing mix will be seen in 2023.


Hope you liked the information on mobile development trends in 2023. With these mobile application trends and technologies, it is evident that the future of mobile app development is excellent, with advanced technologies at play. These are not the only trends that will be a part of 2023, as anything trending can come up at any time. However, it would be best to keep up with developments as a startup business to stay profitable.




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