The 5 Best Apps You Never Heard Of But are Useful

These best apps you never heard of are serving different purposes like assisting with flight bookings or communicating with strangers.

Best Apps You Never Heard Of But are Useful

Mobile apps, since the inception of smartphones, have increased quite rapidly. From basic messaging to visually appealing gaming apps, mobile apps have taken over every segment of the industry to serve.

A report by RISKIQ says, there are more than 8 million mobile apps existing in the market today. Therefore, it could be a possibility that you missed many amazing mobile apps that were not well marketized.

Furthermore, in this blog, we are discussing a few best apps ever for Android and iOS devices that people do not know about. We will discuss these best android apps you must have along with their features and download links.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

  1. Stellarium

This one of the top best unknown Android apps is a perfect tool for stargazers. The app notifies you of the position of constellations in real-time. You can also search the name of the planet, constellations, or satellites to track their position. The app uses your GPS data to extract the records in real-time. This one of the best cool apps to have on your phone is useful to even predict planetary positions. You can change the time in the app and review the positions of planets and constellations.

Features of this one of the most unique apps for Android and iOS

  • Locate constellations, planets, and satellites
  • The free version includes ads
  • Beautiful UI
  • Can show predicted planetary positions

Download Stellarium for Android and iOS

2. Skiplagged

This travel app is developed by one of the leading top app development companies in the market. The app is available for free. You can use Skiplagged to book flights, find hotels, and more. Moreover, this one of the best apps to download is perfect to explore flight routes not visible on other apps. You can find out flights for round trips or flights to THE HIDDEN CITY with this one of the stunning fun apps.

Features of this one of the top apps you didn’t know you needed

  • Hidden flight routes
  • Flight routes for round trips
  • Hotels from all over the world data
  • Customized fare alerts

Download Skiplagged for Android and iOS

3. Rando

This one of the best apps to download is a unique way to connect with random people. You can just click a random picture of anything that you see and share it with another user of Rando. In return, you receive a picture from the user as well to move conversations further. Not only that, but you can also review where your picture landed with this one of the best apps you have never heard of.

Features of this one of the best unknown Android apps

  • Share pictures to communicate
  • Free to use the app
  • Review where your picture is visible

Download Rando for Android and iOS

4. Wakie Chat

This one of the best apps ever is developed by a mobile app development company as a social media app. You can use Wakie Chat to connect with strangers and talk to them over the phone. Moreover, you can also add your favorite Wakie Chat users and stay in touch with them. Currently, Wakie Chat has a network of more than 5 million users that is still growing.

Features of this one of the most unique apps for Android and iOS

  • Connect with strangers
  • Make new friends
  • Use chats or calls to talk

Download Wakie Chat for Android and iOS

5. Flush

As the name suggests, Flush is a travel companion app that helps you in locating toilets nearby. The app has animations and a beautiful interface that will make using Flush easier. This one of the cool apps to have on your phone has a database of over 200,000 toilets. The app is simple to use, you can just enter the location to locate toilets easily in your surroundings.

Features of this one of the best apps to download

  • Over 200,000 toilets in the database
  • Free to use the app
  • Includes ads
  • Beautiful UI

Download Flush for Android

Well, these were the top 5 names that had to be a part of this list of best unknown Android Apps and iOS apps. Each of these apps has unique features that make them distinguished from other apps. For instance- Flush is a really great idea to assist travelers who want to see the world on a limited budget.

Now, the list is not yet complete because there are a few other titles that also deserve some recognition. Take Drunk Locker for example. The app locks your preferred mobile apps that you can not open while you are drunk. If you have a habit of drunk texting people and then feeling embarrassed about it, Drunk Locker is here for the rescue.

Well, hopefully, this list of the best apps ever that not everyone knows about is useful for your endeavors!

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