Top 10 Business Listing Sites for the US-based Businesses

4 min readMar 8, 2022


Business listing sites that will help you in boosting the outreach of your business in the US market.

business listing sites

Technology is driving the world today. And almost every segment of the industry across the globe is transforming to onboard the digital competition. Thus, in such a huge level of competition, all marketing tactics can help a business grow. Now, to compete with businesses that are local, your marketing strategies need to focus on that goal as well.

In this blog, to help you in framing marketing strategies that can give you a boost in the competition among businesses from the US, we are shortlisting a few best listing sites that will allow you to list your business on their platforms.

1. Google

One of the best free business listing sites, Google is a tech giant that almost every internet user knows about. The search engine giant allows you to create a Business Profile to get your business listed in the United State business directory. Google will ask for the business verification and then list it on the site once you follow the entire process properly.

2. Facebook

Facebook also offers business listing services. Users can access the information for businesses on Facebook by searching for the product or service or location where the business is located. Facebook also provides other features such as paid promotion of your listed businesses so that you can grow your business outreach.

3. Bing

Bing also provides an online business directory website where you can submit and verify your business information to get it listed. The process is free and allows Bing users to find your business through keywords like product or service type, locations, recommendations, or business name.

4. MobileAppDaily

If your business provides services like blockchain, IoT, app development, web development, and app marketing among others, you can get your business listed on the website. The company focuses on publishing regularly updated reports with titles such as top app development companies, top healthcare app development companies, top education app designing companies, top SEO companies, and much more.

5. Clutch

Clutch is another one of the top free business listing sites in the USA that you can reach out to. To list your business on the website, you will have to provide information such as minimum project value that your business accepts, number of employees, location, etc. Clutch is a B2B firm that mainly focuses on listing IT businesses.

6. Apple Maps

An alternative to Google Maps and the best free business listing option for markets like the US, Apple Maps allows you to submit your business profile for review. The company along with information such as contact details, websites, and reviews among others will be listed in the business listing USA section. As millions of people use Apple Maps regularly, your company can get good exposure with this company.

7. TripAdvisor

As the name suggests, the company can list your business serving in genres such as tourism, hotel, restaurants, or more under its free business directory USA feature. For travelers and remote companies across the world, TripAdvisor has become a favorite research platform.

8. LinkedIn

Among top business listing sites, LinkedIn has a very simple process to list down businesses. These company pages are visible to users when they search with related keywords, name of employees, company name, or location among other information.

To use LinkedIn business listing services, you will have to describe your company and add information such as CEO, contact information, and location among others. LinkedIn is one of the largest professional platforms in the world. So, it is always a good idea to onboard the site for competitive growth.

9. Merchant Circle

One of the top small businesses listings sites, Merchant Circle is designed to offer a social media networking experience to businesses. You can simply signup and describe your business to onboard the site and find other businesses that can potentially be your work partner in the future. Merchant Circle will ask for information such as your name, contact information, business name, business contact information, and more to get you on board.

10. Yelp

Last but not least, Yelp is one of the most prominent business listing services that you will come across. The site has been onboarding businesses for years. You can easily sign up on the behalf of your business and manage the listing for free anytime. As per the website statistic, Yelp is known to help businesses in providing conversions within the first week of their onboarding on its listings. So, if you are looking forward to growing your business exposure in the US marketplace, it is high time that your business joins Yelp.

Wrapping Up

Many of these best listing sites regularly update their lists to ensure that clients and customers have the best options available. Factors such as reviews by clients are most impactful to maintain a positive reputation and to stay at the top among many companies in any industry. So, even after listing your business, ensure that your company is receiving a good amount of positive feedback so that it can keep impressing the audience that comes across it.




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