Top 15 Mobile Apps for Busy Managers

Smartphones have become indispensable. The handheld device because of its effectiveness has come a long way to help CEOs remain productive all day long. Well, your handheld device can do nothing for your productivity if you do not own the access to top apps for leadership development.

These free mobile applications will not only make your daily chorus manageable but will also offer you easy ways to increase the productivity at the work.The list of top apps for managers is a long one but Mobileappdaily has tried and tested some of the most trusted apps that even well-established CEOs recommend to remain productive all day long.

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Top 15 free Apps for Budding CEOs


Dapulse makes collaboration with team members a breeze. Either it is about knowing the project status or getting the latest detail on the same, Dapulse gives you an easy-to-manage way of keeping the updated status there on the mobile. The app facilitates the ways for creating boards to know the project status, number of members in the team, and having information on project status at every stage. With these boards, users can create the columns and categories to manage the projects easily at every stage of development. Because of its effectiveness, Dapulse one of the best productivity apps for managers.

The digital age has given us a plethora of benefits and saving the papers is one of them. This app for managers is a digital payment platform. Being one of the best apps for entrepreneurs, the app helps entrepreneurs save the paper by managing the digital invoices. With, entrepreneurs can manage their payment details and save them on the cloud networks. This app makes receiving, managing and viewing the bills organized at a single place.


An app to manage your notes easily. What else can be get better than having your best idea besides you every time? Evernote gives you a chance to keep either your work-related professional draft or personal notes on your smartphone. Access these notes anywhere everywhere you want to. You can keep as many notes as you want, keep them for as long as you desire without worrying about escaping even a tiny information stored on your very own Evernote app.

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360 Security

An Android mobile app for managers that takes the responsibility of keeping their smartphone safe from viruses. Use it as an antivirus, speed booster or space cleaner as per your requirement. It is one of the top free security Android application that is counted as one of the most productivity apps for entrepreneurs. 360 Security manages your apps in the background, keeps checking the health of your smartphone for boosting the performance.


This free leadership app for iPhone is a favorite to five million users worldwide. Budding CEOs, make your receipt tracking easier after you finish a business trip! Just snap a photo of your receipt and Expensify will take care of the rest. The app has been designed for businesses of every type. Entrepreneurs can also access the app for managing their spreadsheet for the expenses on a business trip. The app automatically records the spending with real-time expenses.


In case you are an entrepreneur who manages the business on a global scale, chances are that you may meet executives who are not native English speakers. In such cases, DuoLingo is there to help you out. The app will teach you basics of Spanish, Italian, German, French and a number of other languages. This leadership app for iPhone makes foreign language learning much easier. The premium subscription of the app costs a few dollars.


No entrepreneur can manage his/her task without OmniFocus. The app keeps managing the task for the entrepreneur and therefore Mobileappdaily has included the application in the list of the best mobile apps for managers here. This leadership app for iPad does much more than a regular task manager application by keeping the track of tasks and the deadlines of the projects safe for the users.

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Technology is growing every single day and we have got an app for that. CamScanner offers the best example of the same. One of the most exceptional iPhone apps for managers to help them create PDFs. The mobile scanner also helps to optimize the file quality, extract text from images, helps the users in smart editing and in addition to providing them a helping hand to make PDF generation a breeze.

Siri Virtual

Your very own personal assistant is there for you as “Siri Virtual”. The leadership app for iPhone has got all that you would ever want your assistant to do for you. Right from reminding about an important meeting scheduled to notifying you about an upcoming event, Siri Virtual does it all for you. This iPhone mobile app has got the goodness of Artificial Intelligence and that is how it works amazingly for every command.

SAP Roambi Analytics

The mobile app for business intelligence is one amazing when it comes to presenting your business data into beautiful graphics. Just install this app for leadership development for free as an iPhone mobile application and start creating presentations for your upcoming business meeting. This exceptional app for manager analyses your business data effectively in order to transform it into beautiful visual files, interactive reports, charts as well as in dashboards . This exceptional iPhone mobile application gives you a change be ready with your presentation at every important event of your professional life.

Yahoo Weather

This Android mobile application is also available for iOS users. The beauty of this leadership skill app lies in informing the weather update to everyone who is a regular user. And, for entrepreneurs, Yahoo Weather makes it easy to check the weather every morning just with a single app. The users can track weather locations in their favorite destination prior to arriving at teh location. In the category of weather app, Yahoo Weather has been awarded the top spot owing to its exceptional functionalities.


Mint owns a considerable space in the top-rate finance apps for business executives. As a productivity app for entrepreneur, it helps to manage your money through the smartphone. Consolidate your business account, credit and debit cards in the app and keep the track of your budget. The productivity app for entrepreneur even gives you credit scores along with the ideas to improve the same if required.

Dragon Dictator

CEOs are super busy beings and it is not possible for them to jot down every single speech they are to deliver. Dragon Dictator, one of the best apps for the managers makes the job much easier for them. The app helps them dictate a speech or an important note to keep it safe in their smartphones. The app is available for both the Android and iOS and is a choice of many world-renowned influencers.

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Viber is ranked as one of the best free apps for the executives who keep traveling around the globe and want a free connection to make calls at any corner of the world. Services like Viber help you remain in contact touch with another Viber user over messages and calls free of cost. As one of the most exceptional mobile apps for managers, Viber has attracted the attention of millions.

FlightTrack Pro

FlightTrack Pro, an oldie but a goodie app. The productivity app for entrepreneur tracks the flight in real-time and offers the information on the same. The app is equally exceptional for an entrepreneur and an average flyer. The app is handy to know all the information related to your flight. There is timely flight status on the app that helps users track the flight in real time.

From a number of best productivity apps available for the users, Mobileappdaily has featured some of the most frequently used applications that even entrepreneurs use to manage their daily tasks. Using these apps is always a benefit for the CEOs as they can focus their attention on other important tasks leaving behind their worries to these productivity apps for entrepreneurs.

In case you are using any of these applications or have decided to try any one of them, let us know your app browsing experience in the comment section below!

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Originally published at on November 25, 2017.

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