Top 5 Enterprise IoT Platforms for the Growth of Your Business

4 min readFeb 7, 2022


These enterprise IoT platforms are leading the segment by helping thousands of small and large-scale enterprises in adapting the efficient IoT ecosystem.

As per a report by Statista, by July 2020, the manufacturing sector had the largest hold on the global IoT projects with 22%. In the second position, the transport segment maintained a hold of 15% in the global market. Internet of Things (IoT) technology, today, has become a part of our everyday lives. From powering up autonomous vehicles to making televisions wireless, the technology is impacting regular lives on a huge level.

In this blog, we are throwing some light on top enterprise IoT solutions that enterprises should look forward to. So, if you find the topic interesting, stay with us until the end of this blog.

What is an enterprise platform for IoT?

Before we proceed further and talk about these best IoT platforms, let’s understand the meaning of IoT for enterprise platforms in short. To understand in simple terms, an enterprise IoT platform refers to a combination of technologies that are used in the process of exchanging data between multiple interconnected devices. These IoT technology solutions include hardware, operating systems, connecting technologies, and cloud solutions.

Best enterprise IoT platforms for business operations

IoT platform

Now, let’s move on to the discussion of the top secure IoT platforms that are existing and popular among businesses.

1. Salesforce IoT Cloud

This one of the top enterprise IoT solutions is designed to provide a secure space for storing IoT data. The platform is designed to use IoT devices and collect data for better personalization of services for users. Its personalization algorithms and real-time response capabilities help CRM systems in taking actions in real-time.

Advantages of Salesforce IoT technology

  • More efficient automated tasks
  • Quick error detection and alert generation
  • High-end security protocols for the cloud server
  • Insightful CRM reports
  • Better personalization of services
  • Boosted customer satisfaction

2. Google Cloud IoT

The secure IoT platform, Google Cloud IoT is what many top IoT companies prefer currently. There are multiple elements of this technology-

  • Cloud IoT Core is used to manage, secure, connect, and ingest data from IoT devices
  • Google Assistant Smart Home is used to control connected devices
  • Nest Device Access is managed and accessed by Device Access in partner apps and smart home ecosystems

Advantages of Google Cloud IoT

  • Best support for AI-based technologies
  • Allows real-time tracking of assets and their health
  • Preplanned maintenance
  • Designed to power large and small IoT ecosystems

3. IBM Watson

Another best IoT platform for businesses is IBM Watson. Its security advantages ensure proper and secure data exchange between devices and gateways. The IoT technology uses MQTT and TLS to securely connect devices. IBM Watson helps businesses in using it according to their industries. Be it insurance, real estate, customer service, or manufacturing, the IBM Watson IoT solutions include support for all segments.

Advantages of IBM Watson

  • Industry-specific support
  • Best security protocols
  • Extra features such as cognitive analytics and data security among others

4. Microsoft Azure IoT

Another leading name in the market, Azure IoT solution is designed to assist large and small enterprises. With Azure IoT, you have the freedom to create industry-specific cloud solutions that will offer the best performance along with security, privacy, and compliance among other features. With Microsoft Azure IoT, you can build protected edge-to-cloud networks. The IoT solution helps in connecting and keeping an eye on millions of devices that are interconnected to its IoT infrastructure. From data analytics to monitoring devices constantly to identify any glitches instantly, Azure IoT is designed to offer top-notch infrastructure to its business partners.

Advantages of Microsoft Azure IoT

  • Trusted by leading technology providers
  • Security algorithms and operating systems for many devices are integrated
  • Provides data and analytics to help businesses in deploying and managing IoT applications
  • Provides AI-based support for better efficiency

5. Amazon AWS IoT Core

Another top addition that deserves a place on this list is Amazon AWS IoT Core. The IoT for enterprise platform is popular among businesses due to its features. With Amazon AWS IoT Core, you can deploy your IoT device fleets and connect, manage, and scale them easily. The service provider offers technologies such as MQTT, HTTPS, MQTT over WSS, and LoRaWAN. To provide a secured environment, here, you also get end-to-end encryption.

Advantages of Amazon AWS IoT Core

  • Suitable for automated IoT data applications like EVs, home security, and more
  • Allows managing quality, maintenance, and remote monitoring with predictive analytics
  • Used by top names like Volkswagen, Carrier, and Traeger


Well, these were the top enterprise IoT solutions that needed your attention. The names that we have picked in this blog are already well recognized in the market. Many top companies trust these enterprise solution providers for cutting-edge technological solutions to ensure the smooth functioning and managing of IoT networks.

In the end, we hope you found this blog useful. You can explore more MobileAppDaily blogs to explore the latest app development market trends and updates.




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