Top Mobile App Development Trends in 2022 to Keep an Eye On

2021 has been a year of growth for many segments of smartphone apps. From education apps to delivery apps, top titles saw a boost in their installation numbers. The credit can be given to the Covid-19 pandemic, as it forced people globally in adapting to the virtual environment. As reported by Forbes, Facebook was the most downloaded app in 2021, and behind it, Instagram maintained the second position.

Now, as 2022 is here, it’s time to look at the possible trends in app development segments that we might witness this year. As the vaccination percentage has increased with a huge speed across the globe, it has given people the independence of resuming their normal lives like attending schools and offices, buying offline, and more. So, with all these patterns happening, what mobile app industry trends we might get to see, we are discussing that further in this blog. So, if you think this blog can be useful for you, stay with us until the end of the discussion.

So, without further ado, let’s begin!

1. 5G technology

The most important mobile development trend, 5G will see a growth in its adaption due to its features. The network has the capability to offer much better bandwidth compared to existing networks like 4G. The increasing adaption of the 5G technology will empower mobile app development companies to integrate better features, enhanced visual elements, and more without fearing the loss of performance. 5G network has the potential to offer average bandwidth of 1GBPS in cities such as New York. Even though region-wise the bandwidth will go up and down, 5G technology will still see a huge expansion as one of the top mobile development trends in 2022. That is also the reason why new generation smartphones already have integrated 5G supporting adapters.

2. Fully-automated chatbots

With technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), chatbots are known to solve 70% of queries on their own. In 2022, chances are that we will witness the integration of fully-automated chatbots with smartphone apps. These chatbots will eliminate the requirement of interference of the human agent to ensure that customers are assisted at any time of the day but without having to wait. With the expansion of 5G, it might get easier for developers to deploy cloud-based chatbots with more efficiency.

3. Foldable smartphones

If you have recently come across top Samsung smartphone models such as Samsung Galaxy Flip 3 or Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3, you might have seen their new adaption of foldable screens. This one of the top Android app trends will inspire other manufacturers to offer related styles.

A Statista report says, in 2019, approximately 3.2 million units of foldable phones were shipped across the globe. By 2022, this threshold might cross a whopping number of 50 million units. Now, with the increasing adaption of foldable smartphones, developers will have the opportunity to use their user interface for unique advantages. From modifying apps to run on bigger or smaller screens to providing features that make use of the flexibility, 2022 will see many unique trends coming into the existence.

4. Blockchain-based apps

This one of the top application development trends will motivate developers to move to blockchain servers instead of using traditional cloud servers. Blockchain apps will be able to offer better security, faster speed, enhanced performance, and additional features. The mobile technology development processes based on blockchain are not only the talk of the future but the present as well. We already have apps using blockchain technology to approve payments, crypto transactions, and more.

5. Cloud gaming

High-end gaming was limited to expensive consoles and devices until now. But not anymore. With the technologies such as 5G or even 4G, smartphones are capable of receiving sustainable bandwidth to support the idea of cloud gaming. This is why mobile app development market experts are bringing high-end gaming on smartphones with the help of cloud servers. These games work smoothly as they are not dependent on the hardware configuration but the speed of the internet. Service providers such as Vortex are already famous in the industry.

6. AR/VR technologies

Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR), both have seen many developments through the last few years. These technologies for mobile app development can join industries such as education, entertainment, gaming, and more to provide enhanced quality of the user experience. Also, with concepts such as Metaverse spreading like wildfire across the globe, smartphones will provide access to opportunities for developers, business owners, and marketers. The NEW Metaverse Mobile Interface is already published for users to use. They can simply sign up and explore this huge virtual world without limitations. In 2022, Metaverse will modify the online shopping experience, the way people interact, and learn apart from other things.

To conclude

Well, these were all trends that we thought of sharing with you. Even though examples of some of these trends are already existing in the market, 2022 will surely be the year of boosting quality for different segments. Healthcare companies will adapt to on-demand culture more than ever, education will adapt to new ways of learning, and more possibilities will occur. But it will be exciting to see that before the end of 2022, new possibilities come into existence and shake the world as Metaverse did.

In the end, we hope you found the blog informative. Meanwhile, we return with a new informative topic, keep exploring blogs from the already published catalog of MobileAppDaily.



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