Top Technology Trends Impacting Business in 2022 and Beyond

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One of the most crucial technology trends impacting businesses is Green AI. Technology is transforming digital businesses into going green.

technology trends in business

Technology is continuously evolving to make businesses more efficient and user experience more satisfying. From the integration of IoT to make devices wireless to the increasing adoption of artificial intelligence to make services more personalized, we are continuously witnessing a boom in technological revolution for different segments of the markets. Relatively, 2022 is also a crucial year for the technology industry.

In this blog, we are discussing a few business trends based on technologies that are evolving to become a long-term tradition. We will pick a few expected technology industry trends that are about to be released this year and discuss them in short to understand their impact on businesses of any size. So, if you think the topic is interesting, stay with us until the end of this blog.

1. Metaverse

You might have seen it coming already but Metaverse is one of the top tech trends that we need to discuss from the business perspective. Metaverse is giving shopping from the comfort of your home a new meaning. And that is just one of the many segments this one of the top technology trends in 2022 is targeting.

Metaverse uses Virtual Reality (VR) technology to provide users with a virtual replica of the real world. Businesses have the independence of buying and selling real estate and they can build virtual showrooms on servers of Metaverse if they own the land. In short, Metaverse is literally merging business and technology trends to offer an almost realistic experience but to experience the world of Metaverse, you do not need to leave even your room.

Let’s understand with the help of a few points what technology trends in businesses are brought into existence by Metaverse-

  • Providing business owners with virtual spaces where they can set up a store made entirely of codes
  • Making it easier to place ads in the virtual Metaverse environment
  • Providing a realistic experience to customers with the help of technologies such as Virtual Reality (VR) and Haptic Gloves
  • Enabling the usage of cryptocurrencies to transact for business operations
  • Making virtual business activities more secure with the help of advanced AI programs and blockchain
  • Making Metaverse free for almost everyone to access

2. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs)

If you are not familiar with NFTs, let us introduce you to them in the short. NFTs are virtual tokens that represent the ownership of an object. Each piece of content can be converted into an NFT token once it is uploaded on dedicated blockchain servers. Then, these NFTs can be used to purchase content from other NFT owners.

In the near future, it is expected that NFTs will also involve in the real estate industry and make digital tokenization of lands easier. As NFTs are saved on blockchain servers, it is impossible to erase the ownership and transfer records from the database of each content. In the current scenario, NFTs are hype and NFT owners are increasing in numbers at an unimaginable speed. From the business perspective, NFTs can create new opportunities like specific promotional platforms for NFT owners, NFT broker businesses, etc.

3. Modern Supply Chain Management System

Supply chain management is a process of managing the process from producing to product delivery. Now, each supply chain management has different stages and semi-processed involved. Thus, companies like IBM are actively involved in inventing the latest technology trends that can make Supply chain management more efficient. Let’s look at a few IBM partnerships that are done to make Supply chain management processes better for respective organizations.

  • Chemonics and IBM partnership resulted in a revolutionary business technology called Automatic Requisition Tracking Management Information System (ARTMIS). The best technology in business, ARTMIS is designed to keep a track of shipments on each step. Chemonics is using this one of the top technology trends in business to manage orders for up to approximately 2 years.
  • BASF decided to use IBM’s Watson Technology to find smarter ways of increasing efficiency. The company applied business trends like AI and machine learning to improve inventory management decisions while ensuring rightly timed deliveries.
  • Farmer Connect and IBM Food Trust are using one of the top tech trends to connect coffee growers and consumers.
  • Some other emerging technology trends based on IBM Supply chain management products are TradeLens, IBM Sterling Inventory Control Tower, IBM Sterling Supply Chain Insights with Watson, and IBM Sterling Supply Chain Business Network among others.

4. Fully-automated chatbots

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AI chatbots can easily be considered as one of the fastest-growing technology industry trends. As per a Statista report, From a global revenue of $40.9 million in 2018 to expected global revenue of $106.6 by the end of 2022, the technology has impressed businesses beyond expectations. These chatbots are available for users all time and ready to answer queries by detecting keywords. Moreover, modern chatbots are also using voice recognition technology to understand pronunciations, languages, and accents better. With the support of AI, chatbots are also able to offer more personalized help.

5. Green AI

As the name gives it away, Green AI is one of the crucial business and technology innovations that are trying to reduce the carbon footprint of all scale of businesses. For example, is a business that leads in creating and powering cloud networks entirely by fossil-free sources. It uses wind, heat, and water to create energy that can support cloud compute services that are also 100 to 150 times faster than traditional cloud services.

6. Usage of AI for cybersecurity

Cyber attackers are getting advanced with time and now, they are using technologies such as AI to make their attacks more effective. However, evolving attacks also help in generating big data to counter these attacks and to predict the types of cyber attacks that can occur in the future. Today, organizations are using AI and machine learning to automate the cyber security process to ensure even without any manual antivirus scan, there are no vulnerabilities that can allow cyber attackers to enter into the servers. These AIs can scan corporate emails to find phishing links and can also keep an eye on possible hardware failures that are connected to the network.

7. Hybrid work culture

After the spread of Covid, remote and hybrid work cultures became the new normal. However, before the release of vaccines, it was expected that the pandemic would be over and everyone could return to offices. Now as new variants are coming one by one, many organizations such as Salesforce have shifted to the culture of a permanent hybrid work model. To support this, business trends are now increasing the adaption of business technology. Communication apps such as Microsoft Team or Skype are enabling virtual conferences, meetings, and seminars. These technologies are also reducing the requirement of energy resources and costs.

8. Blockchain storages

One of the top technology trends in 2022 that you will witness is the expanding market of blockchain technology. Until now, banking organizations from many countries across the world have adopted blockchain technology with rapid speed due to its advantages. Now, governments are also shifting many processes on blockchain to enable processes like decentralization of the citizen data, permanent protection of crucial documents, etc. For businesses, blockchain has many advantages like improving the speed of digital products like apps or websites, enabling smart contracts, better cybersecurity, etc.

9. Smart Contracts

Businesses are referring to Smart Contracts to automate processes such as insurance claim approvals, transaction settlements, and more. Smart Contracts are uploaded on blockchain servers in the form of codes that are taken into consideration by AI to approve any claims. This process removes the requirement of a middle party and also reduces the cost and time involved in the entire process.

10. Space tourism

2022 is a pretty interesting year for the space tourism industry. Even though it is highly unlikely that new customers will be able to book their tickets to a trip into space, Blue Origin might make a commercialized trip to space with guests who have already booked their tickets. According to a Business Insider article, Blue Origin has already sold $100 million worth of tickets for space trips. For businesses, a successful commercial trip to space will be a new beginning for the space exploration industry.


So, these were the top business technology trends in 2022 that we found very interesting and had to mention in this blog. As 2022 trends already look like something we used to see in sci-fi movies a decade ago, it is exciting to imagine possibilities are about to get real in the near future. From humanoid robots to trips into deep space, industries across the globe will keep launching new trends as technology advances and new innovations come into existence.

In the end, we hope you enjoyed reading this blog. We will soon have another informative content piece to read. Meanwhile, you can explore other MobileAppDaily articles to increase your knowledge of the fascinating app development industry.




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