Web App Vs Mobile App- Which One Should You Choose?

  1. Scalability
  • You can use an easy app built software by one of the top app development companies Appy Pie to build the app from a website easily
  • You can code the app yourself if you have any experience
  • There are many freelance developers out there who will take your project happily
  1. Native apps- These apps refer to OS-specific apps. For instance- separate apps have to be built for different operating systems such as Android and iOS. The major difference between a web app vs native app is- Native apps are more capable and faster. The loading time of Native apps is faster as well. Thus, businesses with a good budget prefer Native apps. However, the Native app development process costs more.
  2. Hybrid apps- Hybrid apps support multiple platforms. For example- developers build one single app that is used to serve users of different operating systems. The development cost of Hybrid apps is comparatively lesser than native apps as you only have to spend money on one app and its maintenance. However, hybrid apps offer limited features.
  1. Static Web Applications- These types of web applications are the toughest to modify. Designed to support content types such as GIFs and videos, Static Web Applications require modifications in the HTML code each time you want to make a change.
  2. Dynamic Web Applications- These web apps are used to store data with the ability given to the user to modify it. Among many other programming languages used to make these web applications function, PHP and ASP take the cup.
  3. E-commerce Apps- One of the most popular forms of web apps existing out there, are used by businesses. These apps are used to sell products to the masses. Moreover, listing products on these applications is quite easy. However, the web app development process can be trickier and time-consuming.
  4. Portal Web Application- The simplest form of web application, it has different categories and multiple types of content for users to enjoy.
  5. Animated Web Applications- Using FLASH technology, these web apps usually include so much animation everywhere. These types of web apps are visually appealing and require a stronger internet connection.



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